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White paper.  Promotional video. Website, web copy and marketing. The works. From structuring your token sale to informing your community, Stroax does it all. You dream the idea. We’ll bring it to life.


White paper

The projects we’ve crafted white papers for have raised half a billion dollars. From smart contract architecture to problem statement, we’ll give your white paper the professional sheen it needs to withstand scrutiny and attract investors..


Our 2D and whiteboard animations have been used by the likes of Bitfinex and Kleros. Whether it’s a product explainer or a platform walk-through, we’ll ensure your video content shines.


Need a bespoke website for your ICO? Maybe some infographics or design for your Whitepaper? Whatever style you choose, we promise it will be in the highest echelons of blockchain marketing. 
Stuart Jackson

Stuart Jackson

Producer / Editor / Colorist / Web

COO at Kleros one of the highest regarded ICO’s in the space and previously worked on marketing campaigns with Bitfinex, Ethfinex, Tether and others. Find out more here

Ivan Tanovic

Ivan Tanovic

Animator / 3DFX / Composite /

After Effects wizard, compositing and more.
Blanka Boskov

Blanka Boskov

Illustrator / Photoshop / Sketch / UI UX

World class illustrator with years of experience in both Freelance and Getty. Published works on amongst others.
The Team
Sending Payments

Authoritative Content

Establish yourself as a thought leader by commissioning custom blog posts for Medium. These professional pieces will strengthen your personal brand while raising awareness of your forthcoming crypto project.


100 Million Reasons

In the past 12 months, we’ve assisted crypto startups that have raised over $100 million

Getting Paid

Expert Advice

How many tokens should you mint? What distribution model should you use? And what soft and hard caps should you aim for? Those are all very good questions, and ones we’ll be only too happy to answer.



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Well your ICO isn’t going to launch itself. Get in touch and we’ll advise you on the best way to proceed. You only get one shot at launching a token sale. Partner with Stroax and we’ll make sure you get yours right.

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